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Are You Sick and Tired Of Feeling Sick and Tired?
Achieve the health you deserve! As you read “You Are Worth Your Health,” imagine the possibility of other methods for creating lasting health and vitality, enabling you to flourish in your amazing life.
Dr. Carmen Keith, a Highly qualified doctor and evolutionary medicine practitioner has released her new bestseller...
You Are Worth Your Health
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Lauren Jones, 
Owner and E-RYT200, The Yoga Source
You Are Worth Your Health shows you how to improve your health now for the long-term by finding the root cause, and how to effectively and painlessly improve your overall well-being through prevention and lifestyle.” 
Shattering Modern Medicine Myths! Dr. Carmen Keith Helps Readers Reinvent Healthcare with  Newly Released Bestseller! 
Breaking Modern Medicine Myths! Dr. Carmen Keith Helps Readers Reinvent Healthcare with Newly Released Bestseller!  Waitsfield, VT, June 12, 2018 – Highly qualified functional medicine doctor and evolutionary medicine practitioner, Dr. Carmen Keith has released her new bestseller, You Are Worth Your Health: Introducing 360 Living, to help people suffering from the fastidious and unreliable modern healthcare system. With her work, she helps people find true and sustainable health and wellness, while avoiding the perils of modern medicine. Dr. Keith helps people develop a new outlook on health and  
wellness that is not limited to just a few factors. She has dubbed her method ‘360 Living’. After dealing with personal health issues, she decided she wanted to document her unique approach to help people find wellness the way she had, by finding her passion and by seeking integrative methods. Her qualifications in the integrative medicine realm include being a trained practitioner with the Institute of Functional Medicine. She is certified by Wellcoaches, enabling her to utilize cutting-edge coaching tools to help her patients tremendously. She is the Founder and Medical Director of  the highly sought-after 360 Living practice in Missouri with a team of highly qualified practitioners, including a functional pharmacist.  

You Are Worth Your Health gives readers a comprehensive look into the world of integrative medicine and the 360 Living approach. Dr. Keith starts the book by diving deep into the pitfalls of the current healthcare system and how it is failing to support people. Dr. Keith describes how she, a Harvard- 
trained doctor, left conventional methods of practice and started learning alternative approaches to  widen her horizon and learn about wellness on a broader perspective. The result of her quest was  360 Living, a unique and tangible approach towards sustainable health that goes beyond conventional medicine or food/diet.  

Dr. Carmen Keith is a highly qualified medical doctor who created her own unique health and  wellness approach upon realizing the pitfalls and disadvantages of the modern healthcare system.  After graduating from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, she pursued a Post Graduate  
residency in Anesthesiology and a fellowship in Pain Management at the Harvard affiliated  Massachusetts General Hospital. Calling her method an ‘inside-out’ approach, she gives her patients tools to empower themselves, become stronger and find alternative healthcare methods that are  
sustainable. The result is a vibrant health legacy for future generations.

Are You Ready to Go From Surviving to Thriving?
Who Is Dr. Carmen Keith?
Carmen Keith is a medical doctor and the founder of 360 Living. Dr. Keith received training from the very best teachers in the field of modern medicine in pursuit of her lifelong goal of helping people. Her passion has always been to provide new avenues to health. However, she has discovered that it is not enough to be healthy—the ultimate goal is to be well. In her quest to discover answers for herself, she stepped outside what modern medicine defines as treatment and into methods from days gone by, when doctors looked for answers to treat the whole individual: body, mind, and spirit. On this journey, she discovered she could no longer settle for the status quo or keep the information to herself.
Dr. Keith has found the tools that work for her on her journey to health and wellness. Her passion is to help others discover the same. 

“This is a story that must be told and a message that must be heard. There is little doubt our current health care system is broken and our only hope is that every individual takes it upon themselves to learn the lessons Dr. Keith shares in this insightful book. You will be better for it!!”
 John “Bucky” Buckner, Board Certified General Surgeon
“You Are Worth Your Health provides a candid look at the current challenges we face as a nation; and assures you there are other self-care methods that can create lasting health and vitality, which will enable you to thrive in life!” 
Carla Ferrer Russo, PhD, Author, Professor of Nutrition and Health Sciences, Founder of Zen Wellness Academy
Are You Ready to Go From Surviving to Thriving?
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